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Need for Speed Most Wanted Cutscene Effect

Wow what a title, not sure what to call it, but if you’ve played Need for Speed: Most Wanted, you’ll notice that the cutscene has somekind of blurry-overglow effect. (For those who knows the proper name of this effect please let me know). Here’s a screenshot of the cutscene effect.

For the purpose of this tutorial I’ll be using Ms. Maran’s photo grabbed from SuperiorPics. You can grab it at the bottom of this post.

  1. Open the photo, duplicate it if you want to so you’ll be working on a new fresh copy.
  2. Duplicate the Background Layer 2 times [Ctrl+J, Ctrl+J].
  3. Make sure your current tool is the Move Tool (V), Desaturate the topmost layer [Ctrl+Shift+U]
  4. Duplicate it [Ctrl+J], and then Invert it [Ctrl+I].
  5. Set the topmost layer’s blending mode to Color Dodge [Alt+Shift+D]. At this point your document should be pure white (or almost completely), don’t worry.
  6. Now apply a Gaussian Blur filter to the topmost layer. Play around with the radius, I used 5.
  7. Merge [Ctrl+E] this with your previous layer (the unsaturated layer).
  8. Change the current layer’s blending mode to Multiply [Alt+Shift+M].
  9. You should have three layers now, pick the middle one, apply another Gaussian Blur filter, play around with the radius.
  10. And there you have it. Try changing the middle layer’s blending mode to some other than the normal one.
  11. Here’s the final result and the original photo for you to try this on. (Click on it to see the original size).

Tip: If her eyes seems a bit too dark/blurry, erase it with a low-opacity soft-edged brush to make it a bit brighter.

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