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A couple of friend and some nice readers asked me how do I create my icons. Not the step-by-step progress, but the concept I’m using, softwares, etc. I’m nowhere near a professional iconist, and there are many ways, methods, and basic concepts of creating one. It differs from one artist to another. I suggest you read Microsoft’s article for more info on how to create some basic icons.

  • I basically start with 128×128 pixels, in Photoshop or Illustrator, as it allows me to add more details into my icons.
  • I often use transparent background instead of full, boxed backgrounds, or perhaps use some rounded corners.
  • After finishing an icon, I save them as PNG, later to be converted to ICO.

There are many softwares dedicated to creating icons, but I always used Photoshop/Illustrator as I’m fairly familiar with them compared to those softwares. Here are some of them:

But of all those, I use AveIconifier2, a great small application by AndreasV. Very simple drag-n-drop interface, batch convert from PNG to ICO and vice-versa. And best of all, it’s free! :D

My personal tip is that you create multiple resolutions of the same icon instead of directly resizing it in Photoshop. The process can become tedious, if you have many icons, and especially if you have a tight schedule :p, but you can preserve as much quality as possible compared to just resizing them to smaller sizes.

Feel free to post your personal ways in creating these icons!
Until then.

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