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Categories? Tags?

I have problems categorizing things. The more I post, the more categories I add. And my right-hand navigation bar gets longer and longer each day. I’m starting to think these categories are tags.

Luckily I’ve found Lorelle’s site here at She wrote an excellent blog to help people like me learn more about wordpress and what one can do with it. From The Problems With Tags and Tagging, to Categories versus Tags (just what I was looking for).

So now you’ll notice the search site tags below each post of mine. Click on any tag and it’ll search this site for any relevant post under that tag. I’ll clean up the categories on the right some more later on, or perhaps add technorati tags too? ;p

Pay her a visit and you’ll see what I mean. Thanks a bunch Lorelle!

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2 Responses to “Categories? Tags?”

  1. You are very welcome. And stay tuned. There is even MORE coming up about tags, tagging, social bookmarking, and more on categories. It’s a hot topic right now and there is a lot of confusion as people struggle to learn what they mean and how to use them.

    And glad you recognized the problems with tags versus categories. This is a really difficult area. When I first heard of tagging I thought the challenge would be the debate between keywords and tags, not categories and tags. Very interesting.

  2. Hi Lorelle,
    I’m still deciding which categories should I remove or keep at the moment. Hopefully it’ll be sorted out when I find out what I’ll be writing about the most. :P

    Your blog is on my “daily-readings” list, can’t wait to see more. :D

    Thanks for stopping by!

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