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iTunes 6.0.2’s Mini-Store

I’ve just updated my iTunes to the latest version (6.0.2) today, and noticed the new Mini-Store feature. It automatically searches relevant songs/albums according to what song I’m currently listening to. So I guess iTunes sends your currently playing song’s ID3 tags to Apple’s server, which is not always necessary.

Because I won’t be needing it, I can just close the Mini-Store window and keep listening to my music. The question is, will it still send personal datas (ID3 or whatever) to the server?

An interesting post over at BoingBoing says “iTunes update spies on your listening and sends it to Apple”.

At very least, Apple must deliver information about whether iTunes gathers and transmits your data when the Mini-Store is switched off, and about what it does with the data the Mini-Store transmits when it’s loaded.

But reading over some comments over at BoingBoing reveals that iTunes does not transmit data when the Mini-Store pane is hidden. Kirk also verifies this. So let’s just sit back and relax to some tunes. =)

Update: According to BoingBoing, iTunes now obtains consent before collecting info. So go ahead and get your latest version of iTunes. :)

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