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Katamari Toys!!

Katamari Toys

Ok this is just too cute to miss! Students over at Parson’s Design + Technology made radio-controlled Katamari Damacy toys that actually picks up things with its velcro katamaries! Go take a look! :D

For those of you who don’t know what Katamari is, check this article over at

Haven’t completely finished the game though, currently playing the Make the Moon stage, and only managed to make a 792m12cm21mm katamari. Ah, what fun! :P

via BoingBoing

Update 1: KatamariDamacy on the web offers loads of Katamari goodies to download, from desktop wallpaper to DIY papercraft bookmarks and postcards.

Update 2: Funny Character Cafe has a paper-craft version of Katamari’s Prince for you to print-out and make along with some other.. funny characters. And ctrl-alt-doll has got some irresistible figurines of Katamari Prince and his cousins.

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