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Firefox 1.5 & Quicktime

Lately I’m having problems with my Firefox and Quicktime. Everytime I load a quicktime audio/video file within Firefox, the browser freezes up for a minute or two. But I can still the audio playing. At first I thought I had too many extensions installed. Disabling most of them did not work, starting Firefox with a fresh profile didn’t help either.

Most of the time my Quicktime player is automatically updated when I’m updating my version of iTunes, so I did what most people would do, uninstalled Quicktime, restarted my PC, and reinstalled Quicktime manually. It seems to work fine now. So I’m taking a guess that without a clean install of Quicktime player, it’ll screw up Firefox?

I’ve found this interesting article about Firefox 1.5 Stability problems. (Most of the images on this webpage is broken?)

At a rough guess, the number of people experiencing serious problems is probably well under 10 percent of all the people who have downloaded and installed Firefox 1.5.

Any of you having the same problem? Oh and opening PDF straight within Firefox is still a nightmare.

Update 1: I’m still having slight problems with Quicktime plugins, so I’ve decided to search a bit more about it. Reading this over at Mozilla Forums helped me discover an additional media plugin installed within Firefox, the VLC media player plugin. (Type about:plugins in the address bar to see what plugins are active within Firefox).

Now there should be a more decent way of disabling this within Firefox, but I can’t edit the plugin settings inside the View & Edit Actions option. (Tools > Options > Downloads Tabs, Download Actions section). So I went to my C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\ and renamed npvlc.dll to something else. So far there haven’t been any troubles…

Update 2: Reading this also tells me to remove any instances of npqt*.dll as it can cause problems when Quicktime is upgraded.

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