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Next-Gen Musical Instrument – TENORI-ON

At first, I thought this was just another cute little toy that produces light and sound. I was wrong.

This video over at YouTube (Toshio Iwai – ArtFutura 05) left me utterly speechless.

TENORI-ONFrom what I’ve seen, this little instrument contains 16×16 matrix LED surrounded by an aluminium frame. The horizontal LEDs are the timeline, and the vertical LEDs are the pitch. The built in speakers seems of very good quality. On both sides of the frame are 8 function buttons, which can enhance its functionality. Holding a function button while pressing one of the 16×16 LEDs changes the instrument, or change the volume. There are some more cool aural/visual effects which I’m not sure how to activate. On the bottom part of the frame is a dial and a LCD, perhaps to provide info on what effects are currently active?

Media artist Toshio Iwai and YAMAHA have collaborated to develop a digital musical instrument for the 21st century, TENORI-ON. A matrix of 16×16 LED switches allows everyone to play music intuitively, creating a “visible music” interface.

Go check out the video or visit their official site for more info.

Am really looking forward to the official release date.

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