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t3h blox0r !!1!

Despite the l33t n4m3 (which is, l33t), I really liked blox0r, an AJAXy online aggregator (think Bloglines). It has most of the features you’d expect from an online feed-reader, five different layout to choose from (similar to Outlook), bookmark features in addition to subscriptions, preview summary mode, soon-to-come tag feature, and a couple more nifty features for you to check out yourself. Go to their website and try the demo. It’s source code are now available for download too!

The best online aggregator ever!
Keep your blogroll on the web
Enjoy your favorite blogs everywhere
And much more things to come
Best of all, it is FREE!

Still in development, still more features to come (which is good).
By the way, I can’t seem to sort/reorder feeds by title, date, or author at the moment. Are you experiencing the same?

Update: Unfortunately the developer said something about the site’s further development being on hold.. Go to their site and scroll down on the comments list to see the developers’ comment on Jan 20 2:31PM.

via Download Squad

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  1. […] On my previous post about t3h blox0r, the site’s developers said that the development is on hold. So I’ve tried searching another alternative to this ajaxy web-aggregator and found NewsAlloy. NewsAlloy is a Web based RSS Reader, which allows to subscribe your favourite News Sources and read news in a easy and manageable way. […]

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