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WordPress Theme

ajonipI’ve just got my copy of Apache, WordPress, PHP and MySQL yesterday and played around with them a bit. What fun! Now I’m trying to create a theme from scratch, referencing to John Godley’s Dissection of A WordPress Theme. Great tutorial! I only managed to finish part 3 of the tutorial, currently busy tweaking the CSS to make it look at least similar in IE. (I’m using Firefox). Click on the thumbnail to see a screenshot.

Still got a lot to learn, a lot to read, a lot to do! Seems pretty daunting, especially the browser compatibility part. Who should I ask for help?? Hmm, we’ll see…

Background image courtesy of Kaliber 10000.

Update: Updated a bit, searchform position, navigation menu (based on Regulus by Ben Gillbanks), played around with the colors, etc..

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  1. Great !! This one is superb !! :)

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