Yet Another Journal of Nothing in Particular…


I’ve been trying to make a WordPress theme these few days, and suddenly my graphic card’s fan broke down yesterday. I’ve sent it to the nearest service station, but unfortunately they said that it can only be fixed by the end of this week…

So now I’m posting from my Dad’s notebook. And today, while I’m trying to login into my Yahoo! Mail account, it says that I have provided a wrong password. Yes I’ve typed it 10 times, key-by-key. First I thought that there’s something wrong with Yahoo’s Mail server at that moment, but my sister was able to open her account as usual.

I don’t remember changing it at all, even if I do, I usually jot down these kind of notes in my pocket-sized notebook. But I can’t find any record of me doing so in it.. This is getting freaky and annoying at the same time.

Lucky I don’t have anything too important in that account. Looks like I’ve got to create a new account, or perhaps not.

Update: And now it’s all working like usual, and I still don’t have a clue what happened.

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