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My Beating Heart

My Beating HeartThese cuddly little heart-shaped pillows gently beats out a slow, steady heartbeat rhythm. If you want to relax a bit out of a day’s job, or perhaps meditate and nap, turn these pillows on and give them a hug to feel comfortable. Haven’t tried it out myself but looking at Cory’s post over at BoingBoing saying that it really worked made me want one. Or perhaps two.

If you hug a Beating Heart, it might remind you of holding your favorite pet or cuddling with a loved one. Heartbeats have a powerful effect on us and produce an array of emotions within. Our hearts naturally begin to dance and sync with the hearts of others’ we hug or hold. This is a phenomenon humans and animals have observed for ages. My Beating Heart is designed to help you relax, daydream, meditate, and nap.

Learn more on how it works here.

This would make a nice Valentine gift for your loved ones, dont you think? Price is US $120 a piece. (Roughly 3900 Taiwan Dollars).

via BoingBoing

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