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MagnoliaI first heard about Ma.gnolia last year, by that time they’re still on development, and haven’t launched their website just yet. Yesterday while browsing around my, I’ve found this and decided to give it a click. What do you know, they’re off and running now!

I’ve played around with it, and the first difference spotted between and Ma.gnolia is of course, the website layout. For those of you who wanted a bit of an eyecandy on your social-bookmarking site, Ma.gnolia is pretty nice. And the other is that Ma.gnolia allows you to have contacts, groups where you can share your particular bookmarks with them, while allowing you to make some of your bookmarks private, so they will be visible only to you.

They have this rating system you can use to rate your bookmarks, to show how you think of that website’s quality. And one of the great thing is that Ma.gnolia saves copies of web pages, so that if the page moves or gets deleted, you’ll still be able to see the copy.

Currently only supporting imports from, but the developers said that they will add support for other online services as Ma.gnolia grows.

And I’m sure the Firefox extension such as’ will soon pop out, currently they offer simple bookmarklets you can use in your browser.

Now I’m off to play a bit with it. Are you using ma.gnolia? Share some of your tips here!

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