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How many times you’ve turned into the radio, trying to sit back and relax to some of your favorite tunes or genre of music? The thing is, not all the music that the station plays really fit your style, and changing the frequency or channel just kills the whole point of relaxing.

Pandora UIWith Pandora, you might just find your favorite tunes to relax to. It creates a streaming audio of music based on any artists you suggest. Visit their site, and in the box that loads after a while, select “Create a new station”, and input any artist or song name. Pandora will then search for music based on your input, (genre, instrument, style etc.) and starts playing right away. Go now and try entering an artist or song name that you like, I’ll wait here ’till you get back.

Ok? Easy right? Now, you see that little “Guide Us” button on the bottom part of each song that is playing? Click on it and you’ll be given an option whether you like the song or not. If you do, you’ll tell Pandora to play music like these more often; if you don’t, Pandora will take your feedback make that particular song play less often. You can also click on the album art of each song for a shortcut to that “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” feature.

If you register for their free account (currently only available for US residents, due to the differences of audio streaming regulations from country to country), you can create a list of your favorite songs which you can use to buy tracks or to get more info about the artist. You’re also able to share your page with friends.

Enough talk, now go relax to some of your favorite music genres =)

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2 Responses to “Pandora”

  1. If you are in Canada, and you have Rogers internet you get Yahoo! Launchcast + fo free. The commercial version is worth a look as well.

  2. Wow, didn’t know about that one. Thanks for the headsup :D

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