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If you saw my previous post about NewsAlloy, then you’ll know I’m currently searching for a couple of RSS aggregator, be it web-based or standalone application.

Yesterday while browsing through, I’ve bumped into RSSOwl.

RSSOwl is a Java-based aggregator which is not only good-looking, but also cross-platform compatible (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris). Because it’s Java-based, RSSOwl is also available in many languages, which adds its extra awesomeness points.

If you have played with some other aggregators such as FeedDemon or any of their kind, you’ll get the hang of RSSOwl in no time, export or import OPML, XML. If you don’t they have a first-time tutorial for you to get familiar with RSSOwl and RSS in general.

You can choose to read the news using their built-in web-browser, or you can change the preferences to use your external browser. And one of my favorite feature is the integration of AmphetaRate, a centralized ratings/recommendation service that provides personalized news and blog recommendations. So you can rate the news you read, or read only the high ratings news from other users.

For more features of RSSOwl, visit their Overview2 section of their website.

If you want to give RSSOwl a try, make sure you have a working copy of the Java Runtime Environment. You can find the link in their download section of the site.

I’ll be using this one for quite a while, I think..

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2 Responses to “RSSOwl”

  1. Hey Carlo, send tips to the page. But yeah, I use Owl a lot in fact:


  2. Ahaha, I separated RSS and Owl when searching your site for this.. sorry for the old news :P

    Thanks again! :)

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