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Instant Web-Based Chatrooms

This one’s a quickie, bumped into yesterday and found it pretty neat. It’s basically a web-based Ajaxy chat rooms that you can create instantly, and invite some friends who aren’t using the same Instant Messaging system as you do (I’m using MSN Messenger, many of my friends are using Yahoo and/or others).

Best of all is perhaps the zero-registration thing, slap in a cool name for your chatroom, copy the address and post it to your blog or something, and make a schedule for you and your friends to join the fun. No need to register, hassle-free! (Perhaps they’ll implement this later on when many people are creating un-organized chatrooms or stuffs, who knows?)

I’ll probably create my own chatroom later on nextweek. Am going to attend my lovely sister‘s graduation at Taipei this weekend, so catch you on Monday!

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