Yet Another Journal of Nothing in Particular…

About Me


Born in Makassar, Indonesia on June 23rd, 1980. Moved to Jakarta, Indonesia when I was about 2. Spent 18 years there before we move here to Taiwan due to the economical crisis on 1998. Been living here since.

Have always loved drawing since I was a kid. Tables, walls, floors, drawers, my parents’ clothes are just some of my drawing medium. The habit started to go away when I got introduced to computer graphics. Also love playing video games, my first video game console is Atari Flashback 7800. Been quite addicted to video games since.

Currently working as a freelance iconist. You can see some of the icons I’ve created over at Churchill Navigation and Favmark. Or take a look at my deviantART page?

I’m using this blog for fun, to share some of the things (links) that interests me, or some Photoshop tips, or just to rant and complain.

Perhaps you’d like to visit my Friendsters page?

Feel free to contact me at carlo [dot] adi [at] gmail [dot] com for further inquiries.

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