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Instant Web-Based Chatrooms

June 9, 2006

This one’s a quickie, bumped into yesterday and found it pretty neat. It’s basically a web-based Ajaxy chat rooms that you can create instantly, and invite some friends who aren’t using the same Instant Messaging system as you do (I’m using MSN Messenger, many of my friends are using Yahoo and/or others). Best of […]

Hello Again

April 15, 2006

Hello again people! Just got back from my 2 weeks trip to Jakarta last week; nothing particulary interesting though, as usual. Haven’t got the time to find anything new to post yet for now; besides, I’ve got a little problem with my PC and I’ve decided to re-format it a couple of days ago. Installed […]


March 16, 2006

Haven’t posted anything for quite sometime now, been busy preparing things for a week trip to Jakarta on March 26th. It’s been another 6 months since my last visit there. How oh so fast time flies… Well hopefully by the end of this year I’ll be able to get my permanent resident ID, and to […]

Fraud Phonecalls

February 22, 2006

I’ve been receiving quite a few fraud phonecalls these couple of months, mainly asking for personal information such as account-number, home address, phone number, and the worst of them all: pretending to be a member of our family and said that something bad happened to them. One time we received a phone call from someone […]

A Little of Your Time..

February 20, 2006

A good friend of mine, Lee Ya, is currently having a survey to complete her thesis. She’s researching about Friendster, one of the well-known community sites such as Multiply, Orkut, and the likes of it. This survey is designed to see how popular Friendster is among Southeast Asians, so if you’re from around Indonesia, Singapore […]

XBOX 360 for iTunes 6

February 19, 2006

Yep, another one.. If I manage to make more than five iTunes skin, I’ll probably put up another page in addition to my wallpapers. Haven’t had the chance to buy XBOX 360, so if the colors aren’t accurate, I apologize :p download@deviantART Site Search Tags: multiplugin, itunes, itunes-skin, xbox360


February 17, 2006

Zooomr is a bit new (at least to me), but it’s really fun. Although many will most probably compare it to flickr, which is not a bad thing; similar user interface makes it easy to learn how to use the site. And there surely are some extra features such as signing in using your different […]

Crimson for iTunes 6

February 16, 2006

Here’s another iTunes 6 skin for you to download and use. I tried skinning the EQ window, but couldn’t seem to find the 2 pixels border on the left and right side (check pic)… Anyone managed to find/skin this particular part? Be sure to leave a comment! Thanks a bunch :) Anyways, here’s Crimson download@deviantART […]

Thallos for iTunes 6

February 15, 2006

I’m always amazed at KoL’s work, be it visual styles, or wallpapers. His latest work is Thallos, a blue-greyish visual style for Windows which is available in two formats: msstyle and WindowBlinds, go check them out. And a couple of days ago I’ve decided to have a go in making an iTunes skin, so here […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2006

Ya, happy valentine’s day! Hope you all had fun! Although I’m celebrating alone, it had been quite fun today. Here’s a little wallpaper gift for ya all. I was going to make some icons or such, but… Go to my wallpapers page to grab it. Hmm, I almost forgot what love feels like. Site Search […]