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Fraud Phonecalls

February 22, 2006

I’ve been receiving quite a few fraud phonecalls these couple of months, mainly asking for personal information such as account-number, home address, phone number, and the worst of them all: pretending to be a member of our family and said that something bad happened to them. One time we received a phone call from someone […]


January 22, 2006

I’ve been trying to make a WordPress theme these few days, and suddenly my graphic card’s fan broke down yesterday. I’ve sent it to the nearest service station, but unfortunately they said that it can only be fixed by the end of this week… So now I’m posting from my Dad’s notebook. And today, while […]


December 30, 2005

Ever since I got too many spam in my Yahoo! mailbox, I’m slowly finding another free web-mail services, although couldn’t seem to get use to most of them. Not that I’m blaming Yahoo! for those spam mails though, because in the end, I get back to Yahoo! Mail. But there’s just some..thing about Yahoo! that […]