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Frets on Fire

August 10, 2006

Remember GuitarFreaks? Part of the Bemani arcade series, those simulated instruments? If you loved those, then you’ll love Frets on Fire. Created by Unreal Voodoo, a group of talented Finnish people, this game rocks big time. At first I thought gameplay would be similar to Stepmania, Dance-Dance Revolution ported to PC, because afterall, I don’t […]


July 8, 2006

After reinstalling my Windows XP a couple of times, I’ve decided to make a list of programs I usually install first. Although I have these applications backed-up in a CD, sometimes it’s just not the latest version, so I’ve re-created the list, and bookmarked their official download site into, in hope that I’ll always […]

flickr and WEBIMAGER

February 17, 2006

Flickr and WEBIMAGER is a nifty little application which allows you to take screenshots and upload them instantly to flickr. Although I can’t seem to find a way to screencap the application itself, and somehow it will always hide my desktop applications such as RKLauncher and Rainlendar. But of course, a simple PrintScreen and paste […]

Skinning KlipFolio 3 Beta

January 11, 2006

On my previous post about KlipFolio 3 Beta, notice how yummy the interface looks? I couldn’t resist skinning it myself, so I’ve tried dissecting parts of the skin, and found out that their latest version’s skin depends mainly on the definition file (*.skin). Here’s a quick graph I’ve made, giving some basic rundown on their […]

KlipFolio 3 Beta

January 11, 2006

KlipFolio‘s been around for quite sometime, but I’ve just found it today. Played around with it, and it’s pretty nifty. Basically it’s a desktop widget where you can add what they call “Klips”, a live, automated and customizable channels to unique information sources. Most Klips display headlines from a website, with each headline being a […]


November 25, 2005

Use iTunes? Ever wonder how to remove all those invalid tracks with [!] icons in front of it? Then this is the tool for you. Not only that, idleTunes can also search the internet for Album artwork automatically, and lets you copy it straight to your playlist. And it can also makes iTunes compatible with […]