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I’ve been receiving quite a few fraud phonecalls these couple of months, mainly asking for personal information such as account-number, home address, phone number, and the worst of them all: pretending to be a member of our family and said that something bad happened to them.

One time we received a phone call from someone who pretended to be my sister, and in a very worried voice (crying) said: “Dad!! Help me!! I’m in deep trouble!!”. While they’re talking, we used another cellphone to try and contact my sister, and it turned out she’s doing fine in school. After a couple of moment, they hung up without saying a word. Now the thing is, how do they know we have a daughter? Coincidence? Maybe. Fraud? Definitely.

Thanks, but no thanks..

The other method they’re using is telling you that you have won a grand prize of something, marketing purposes so they said; won lottery, need you to answer a bit of question for survey, and asking you your address to send a brochure of somekind. (Telemarketing fraud).

Now the main reason for them to do this is for money, or to blackmail you in someway un-imaginable. So now everytime we receive a phone call without number (private number), we’ll have to prepare for the worst. This year’s fraud phonecalls are getting worse.

Here are some tips on how to deal with them:

  1. If you suspect the company/person who calls you, try to say you’re busy, ask them to call back later. You can use this time to check their phone numbers.
  2. If they’re using a private number claiming to be a bank or some other company, call that company for more information.
  3. If they gave you a phone number, don’t use it; ask them what’s their company name, and check information desk for it. Legal companies phone numbers will most likely be listed, while fraud groups will have a bit of trouble if they do.
  4. If they’re pretending to be a member of your family whose not beside you at the moment, don’t panic just yet. Ask the other member of your family to call them immediately. Or if they can’t be contacted, call some of his/her friends to ask for information.
  5. Don’t write your personal information such as your address or phone numbers on some side-street survey. If the survey is location based, they should only ask for the area where you live/work. If it’s anonymous they should only ask for gender and age range.
  6. Check your bank account or post office account balance to see whether there’s a suspicious activity.
  7. Change your phone number(s).
  8. Or the fastest way: when you hear they say “Excuse me, may we have a little of your time to…” just hang up.

How do you deal with these kind of fraud phonecalls?

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MagnoliaI first heard about Ma.gnolia last year, by that time they’re still on development, and haven’t launched their website just yet. Yesterday while browsing around my, I’ve found this and decided to give it a click. What do you know, they’re off and running now!

I’ve played around with it, and the first difference spotted between and Ma.gnolia is of course, the website layout. For those of you who wanted a bit of an eyecandy on your social-bookmarking site, Ma.gnolia is pretty nice. And the other is that Ma.gnolia allows you to have contacts, groups where you can share your particular bookmarks with them, while allowing you to make some of your bookmarks private, so they will be visible only to you.

They have this rating system you can use to rate your bookmarks, to show how you think of that website’s quality. And one of the great thing is that Ma.gnolia saves copies of web pages, so that if the page moves or gets deleted, you’ll still be able to see the copy.

Currently only supporting imports from, but the developers said that they will add support for other online services as Ma.gnolia grows.

And I’m sure the Firefox extension such as’ will soon pop out, currently they offer simple bookmarklets you can use in your browser.

Now I’m off to play a bit with it. Are you using ma.gnolia? Share some of your tips here!

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How many times you’ve turned into the radio, trying to sit back and relax to some of your favorite tunes or genre of music? The thing is, not all the music that the station plays really fit your style, and changing the frequency or channel just kills the whole point of relaxing.

Pandora UIWith Pandora, you might just find your favorite tunes to relax to. It creates a streaming audio of music based on any artists you suggest. Visit their site, and in the box that loads after a while, select “Create a new station”, and input any artist or song name. Pandora will then search for music based on your input, (genre, instrument, style etc.) and starts playing right away. Go now and try entering an artist or song name that you like, I’ll wait here ’till you get back.

Ok? Easy right? Now, you see that little “Guide Us” button on the bottom part of each song that is playing? Click on it and you’ll be given an option whether you like the song or not. If you do, you’ll tell Pandora to play music like these more often; if you don’t, Pandora will take your feedback make that particular song play less often. You can also click on the album art of each song for a shortcut to that “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” feature.

If you register for their free account (currently only available for US residents, due to the differences of audio streaming regulations from country to country), you can create a list of your favorite songs which you can use to buy tracks or to get more info about the artist. You’re also able to share your page with friends.

Enough talk, now go relax to some of your favorite music genres =)

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A good friend of mine, Lee Ya, is currently having a survey to complete her thesis. She’s researching about Friendster, one of the well-known community sites such as Multiply, Orkut, and the likes of it. This survey is designed to see how popular Friendster is among Southeast Asians, so if you’re from around Indonesia, Singapore and/or Malaysia, be a darling and help her by taking a short survey.

From her blog:

For your information, this is completely voluntary. You don’t have to do it, if you don’t want to. And it’s also anonymous.

Because it’s anonymous, you now have two options:
1. Take the survey and
2. Take the survey.

Thankya very much!

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I’ve had a problem with Photoshop’s eyedropper tool these few days that’s really really annoying. By default the eyedropper tool will sample a color from your image and add them to the foreground color in your toolbox. My eyedropper tool’s been adding the colors to my background color; which can be a real pain.

It turned out to be a simple single-click on the foreground/background swatch in the color palette will change the eyedropper’s default settings in sampling a color… d’oh!

Color Palette

See the black 1px border on the foreground swatch? That’s the default setting, if you click on the background swatch, the 1px border will switch to the background, thus making the eyedropper always sample the background color.

Any of you had the same experience? Btw I’m using Photoshop CS2, don’t know whether the same thing applies to any other version of PS.

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Yep, another one.. If I manage to make more than five iTunes skin, I’ll probably put up another page in addition to my wallpapers. Haven’t had the chance to buy XBOX 360, so if the colors aren’t accurate, I apologize :p

XBOX 360 for iTunes 6


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I’ve always done my currency conversion either using a standalone application, or visiting XEUCC, which is quite a hassle. Today while reading downloadsquad, Jordan posted a very useful Firefox extension, ViewMyCurrency.

ViewMyCurrency is a Firefox extension that I wrote to automatically convert web pages with foreign currencies into my own currency.

It recognises many major world currencies, as you’ve expected, and the exchange rates are automatically updated every 8 hours. Incredibly useful! You can check out Will’s blog for a frequently updated development progress.

Now go get it already!

Big thanks to Jordan and of course, Will Moffat. :D

via downloadsquad

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Flickr and WEBIMAGER is a nifty little application which allows you to take screenshots and upload them instantly to flickr. Although I can’t seem to find a way to screencap the application itself, and somehow it will always hide my desktop applications such as RKLauncher and Rainlendar. But of course, a simple PrintScreen and paste to the application will easily overcome these problems. After all, the main purpose is to upload them directly using the app without the hassle of opening a graphic editing application.

This will surely be an excellent addition to Flickr toys. Give it a shot!

via downloadsquad

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zooomr - Photo sharing that speaks your languageZooomr is a bit new (at least to me), but it’s really fun. Although many will most probably compare it to flickr, which is not a bad thing; similar user interface makes it easy to learn how to use the site. And there surely are some extra features such as signing in using your different web-services account namely Google, Meetro, LiveJournal, Level9, and OpenID. (Yes that’s a lot!).


Played around with it a bit and found some more cool features such as Lightbox, and the new implemented Lightmap (Geotagging). LightBox is a nifty feature using (if I’m not mistaken) Javascript by the same name by Lokesh Dhakar. It basically dims out the page, showing a particular photo in bigger sizes so you can see greater details. Here a description of Lightbox from their official blog:

Lightbox is a special display mode that can be activated by simply clicking on the LightBox emblem in the bottom left corner of all photos while searching

Also new to me is that the comment feature on their site supports Markdown, a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. And have you heard of Zooomrtations? You can add audio annotations into each image, kinda like storytelling yes? Nice. But in my opinion, the coolest feature is that it speaks 13 languages! Now go fetch your families and friends! :D

Surely there are some more features you can check yourself here.

As for now, go give zooomr a shot; there’s no need to register :D

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borderHere’s another iTunes 6 skin for you to download and use. I tried skinning the EQ window, but couldn’t seem to find the 2 pixels border on the left and right side (check pic)… Anyone managed to find/skin this particular part? Be sure to leave a comment! Thanks a bunch :)

Anyways, here’s Crimson



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